The Solution

1. We need one hour of daily physical education classes five days a week in our elementary schools.

Classes should be conducted in an appropriate environment with a staff that is capable of developing the fit bodies and minds our kids need. There is no other subject that develops the academic, social, emotional, physical development and the brain platform for increased academic achievement like physical education does.

There is a level that physical fitness can fall below which will cause pain and systems failure to occur. When there is an increase of physical fitness, the pain evaporates and the systems functions return to normal. The benefits of exercise in preventing disease, maintaining high fitness levels for daily living and extending longevity are very real.

2. We need to declare physical education a required subject.

Physical education should receive first funding priorities. A subject that develops the brain for academic learning, develops physical skills for daily living activities, and provides stamina for professional and recreational pursuits deserves more attention than it has received for years.

3. We need to declare failed physical fitness a national motion disease.

There are plenty of signs for a proper diagnosis. There is an enormous epidemic of children’s bodies with failed fitness in our society that will only respond to a controlled intervention. Providing little league and sports programs will not produce a sufficient cure to combat this failed fitness motion disease.

We are counting on your donations to help bring about legislation to promote our children's health fitness and academic achievement. Thank you.

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