Shout out to your Newspaper, Congress member, and the Public

Let everyone know, OUR CHILDREN NEED US! We are providing a sample letter and link to Congress. Please use it to write your newspaper or congress member. It can also be used for the basis of a group presentation.

Letters to the newspaper and Congress members should be between three and five hundred words or less. You may use the letter (quote me) but it helps to express your own thoughts. The general public has their own unique way of expressing themselves in plain language. Read your letter out loud to a friend to see how they react, then send.

Congress member - A link to Congrssional contact information is provided.

Newspaper - Send the letter with a word count when submitting to a newspaper.

An example for the sample letter is:

one page: Words 493: Characters (no space) 2,421: Characters (with spaces) 2,917: Paragraphs 7: and Lines 33.

To use as a speech will take 3-4 minutes then 5-10 minutes discussion. Please quote my web site - - as a reference source to gain a better understanding of the material. We are just a candle in the dark. I believe change will come if enough parents voice their concerns.

Good luck, our kids are depending on us.

We are counting on your donations to help bring about legislation to promote our children's health fitness and academic achievement. Thank you.

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