Jake Monlux retired after 35 years practice from his physical therapy, sports and human performance clinic. He and his wife, Marie Monlux have six grown children and five grandchildren. Both are very active in their garajmahal art studio, landscaping, gardening, hiking, and traveling to see foreign exchange students they have hosted as Rotary Foreign Exchange Officers. Jake gets a little fishing in now and then. Jake and Marie established a children’s educational web site and charitable trust to craft and effect legislation changes in elementary school physical education. Jake continues to give lectures to community services clubs and parents groups explaining the crucial need to increase children’s physical fitness and explains the health consequences of inaction. Their charitable organization was formed by volunteers to help children-yours and mine.

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1947-1948 Bill Monlux and Jake Monlux (Twins) Student Physical Directors of YMCA Everett, WA

1949– Everett High School (Graduated)

1950–1951 George Williams College, Chicago, IL (Exercise Physiology-Pre Therapy)

1951–1953 Washington State College, Pullman, WA (Physical Evaluations-Pre Physical Therapy-Body Mechanics)

1953–1955 Army (Europe)

1955–1956 Washington State College, Pullman, WA; Graduate Studies Physical Testing & Measurements

1956–1958 North Junior High Schools, Everett Public Schools (Teacher-Physical Education)

1958–1959 Stanford Medical School, Department of Physical Therapy (R.P.T.)

1959–1962 Fresno Physical Therapy Center, Fresno, CA (Employee)

1962–1967 Private Practice, Field Physical Therapy Center, Longview, WA (Employee)

1967–1973 Private Practice, Physical Therapy, Lynnwood Professional Center, Lynnwood, WA (Owner)

1973–1990 Private Practice, Physical Therapy Sports & Rehabilitation, Stevens Professional Center, Edmonds, WA (Owner)

1990–1996 Private Practice, Physical Therapy, Sports, Human Performance, Hall Creek Office Park, Mountlake Terrace, WA (Owner)


1956 – Posture in Athletics, Washington State Physical Education Association

1957– Physical Fitness Testing and Measurements, Everett School District

1958– Physical Education Shills Achievement Elementary School Children, Everett School District

1958– Remedial Physical Education Handicap for Public Schools, Everett School District

1958– Kraus–Weber Test, Fitness Myth, Everett School District

1958– Physical Fitness Performance Scale for Junior High School, Everett School District

1959– Relation of Performance Flexibility, Girth and Fat, Everett School District


1960– Pre-Season Conditioning and Skeletal Muscle Scan for Swimmers, Dolphin Swim Gap

1960– Bolbath Technique for Neuromuscular Facilitation of Brain Injury, Physical Therapy Association

1961– Biometrics of Compensational Gait to Poor Posture and Running, Fresno Physical Therapy Association

1961– Role of the Hip Flexors in Back Pain and Long Distance Running, Fresno Physical Therapy Association

1961– Dysfunction of the Shoulder in Baseball Pitchers


1962– Seminar Sports for Handicap YMCA State Seminar (Reynolds, MD; Monlux)

1962–1967 Pacific Northwest Gymnastic Seminars at Lower Columbia College (Monlux, Lewis College Staff)

1962–1967 Gymnastics for Public School System, Longview Elementary, Junior High, and High School

1962–1967 Coach Gymnastics and Pacific Northwest Olympic Committee


1967– Physical Activity for the Geriatric Patient–Nursing Homes

1967– Fight Back at Stroke, Home Health Procedures

1980– Pacific Northwest Biofeedback Seminar

1982– Presentation for Roll of Orthotics in Sports to Orthopedics in the Pacific Northwest

1982–1983 Seminars for the Snohomish County Coaching Associations, Sports Medicine, Edmonds School District

a. Current Concepts in Physiology of Training (Methods of Training)

b. Skeletal Muscle Evaluation Pre-Seaton for Sports Injures

c. Biofeedback Techniques and Relaxation for Athletes (Monlux & Mon lux)

d. Brain Injuries in Sports and Proper Equipment and Prevention (Monlux & Oakley)

e. Method of Training for Long Distance (Mon lux & Miller)

f. Taping Techniques for Sports Injuries (Cyby, Monlux, & Comberline)

g. Profile of Specific Sports and Competitors

h. Common Skeletal Muscle Injuries and Their Treatment

i. Review of Knee and Shoulder Injuries. Mechanics to Understand Training Procedures and Overuse Syndrome

j. The Unbalanced Skeletal Muscle System, Posture, Motion & Pain

1985– Common Exercises to Avoid the Create Pain, Energy Power Gym

1985– The Role of Proper Biometrics in Weight Training, Energy Power Gym

1986– The Rear Foot Control–Seminar

1987– The Role of Biofeedback in EMG Postural Balancing

1988– Physical Capacity Testing Using the Promatron 3000

1990– Physical Capacity Testing and Evaluation

1991– Static and Dynamic EMG Biofeedback–Dr. Cram Using Physio 3000/4000

1992– Assessment of the Cervical Lumbar Injury

1993– Fellow American Academy of Pain Management - #4772

1993– Assessment of the Shoulder Injury in Baseball

1994– Multiple Extremity Fasciae Stretches/Procedures and Uses


1949– Everett YMCA–U.S. YMCA Student Physical Director of the Year (18 years of age)

1953– High Honors, Senior Year of College at Washington State University

1953– Coast All Around Gymnast Competition (Washington State)

1957– Teacher of the Year or North Junior High School

1962–1967 Regional Olympic Gymnastic Committee Award, Longview YMCA,Longview WA

1965–1967 Sportsman of the Year Candidate, Longview, WA

1967– Longview J.C. Distinguished Service Award for Coaching Gymnastics

1967–1984 St. George Awards, Washington State Scouting Award (16 years service to scouting)

1974–1994 Rotary International Awards for Service in Foreign Exchange Student Program District 503

VII. COMMUNITY SERVICE (Professional & Community)

1956–1958 President of Snohomish County Physical Education Association as a PE teacher

1962–1967 Chairman, Pacific Northwest Gymnastic Seminar, Lower Columbia College, Longview, WA

1962–1967 Regional Committee Man for Continuing Education in Physical Therapy and New Student Recruitment Physical Therapy, WA

1965– Co-Chairman, Sports for the Handicapped, Washington State Seminar, Longview YMCA, (Reynolds & Monlux) Longview, WA

1965–1996 Expert Witness in Court Cases Involving Personal Injuries, Physical Capacity Evaluations, and Work Readiness

1967–1968 Co-Chairman, Fight Back at Stroke County Procedures, Home Health Snohomish County, WA

1968–1984 Scout Master–Troop 363

1980– Chairman, Biofeedback Seminar, American Physical Therapy Association (Washington Chapter), WA

1980–1982 Physical Therapy Committees for Fee Schedule & Continuing Education

1982–1983 Presented the Sports Medicine Seminars Continuing Education for Snohomish County Coaches

1982–1983 Advisor, Edmonds School District Sports Medicine

1983–1985 Local Legislative Committee, National Physical Therapy Association

1983–1994 District Students Foreign Exchange for District 503 Rotary International

2010– Lecturing to Various Local Service Groups about the Need for Children’s Daily Physical Education

2011– Website to Reach a Larger Audience for Kids Failed Fitness

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