Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your background?

I am a retired physical therapist who has 35 years clinical experience and several years’ experience as a physical education teacher. See my Resume.

Q: Why did you develop an educational site about kids failed fitness?

I become concerned about the misrepresentation of our national obesity dilemma and decide to define the necessary elements: academic achievement; social, emotional, skills achievement; diabetes; obesity; failed fitness; family stress and health cost; in order explain and underscore some of the reasons for our poor United Nations’ health rating (41st Worst). I formed my opinions from years of experience working as a coach and teacher, doing human performance testing and treating athletes and personal injuries.

Q: How did you decide that the major health threat was the need to have one hour of physical education daily.

My concerns lead to several years of internet research about the health fitness problem. Then I started to give lectures about lack of motion as the national health threat. (See my extensive Bibliography). I gave a number of presentations to Rotary International, Kiwanis clubs and other community groups. I had gradually realized that the high medical health costs and the chronic diseases contributing to the early death of our people were caused by an undefined motion disease and complicated by the high rate of obesity.   The antidote -- to prevent the motion disease from getting a footing before it develops -- is increased movement. The failed fitness motion disease accelerates from early childhood and continues to worsen as the child becomes an adult, if there isn’t early intervention. I shifted my lecture emphasis from concerns about the lack of motion’s effect on total health for the general adult population to specifically focus on the effects the chronic inactivity health monster has on our elementary school children.

Over ninety percent of elementary schools do not provide one daily hour of physical education. I decided my lectures would now define and recognize Kids Failed Physical Fitness as the health threat of the 21st century. I’m convinced this is where the national effort to cure this motion disease has to start. We have all elementary school children in the palm of our hands, to mold and develop, minds, bodies and characters before they become adults infected with chronic diseases and destined for poor productivity or shortened longevity.

Our nation may have to provide legislation for a domestic type Marshall Plan to assure our children become healthy, happy and educated on par with the rest of the industrial world. The motion disease is infecting millions of our children. The number of infected kids is staggering and accelerating out of control. Its presence accounts for poor academic performance and reduces the effectiveness of the systems that develop a healthy fit body. Children and adult fitness level are so low that their leisure time, work, recreational, and social activities are becoming dramatically affected. We need desperately to do something, not only for our kids and nation but to prevent an international pandemic from occurring. (See National Proposal.)

Q: Why we developed a Kids Failed Fitness Charitable Trust?

I found the demand for lectures, cost of equipment, travel and other expenses was starting to outstrip what my wife Marie and I could afford to contribute from retirement funds. My wife Marie has been my greatest supporter since I decided to promote physical fitness and health for our kids. We have six kids of our own and five grandkids. Her passion and support for me and welfare for children is a miracle to behold. She is the force that keeps my compass pointed in the right direction. Other volunteers are joining us. The fight for a cure to the health fitness monster among is starting to gain momentum. We need to really get serious before this disease kills millions of citizens prematurely each year.

Q: How can you help with the movement to promote one hour of physical education a day for all our elementary school children?

1. Read all the information on this educational site and listen to the slide presentations. Then talk to other people about the motion disease that has to be addressed in elementary school and refer them to this web site.

2. Write your own letter to your congress person and request they take the actions suggested in our sample letter. Also send your letter to the local newspaper using the format suggestions for writing letter to editors. Talk with Radio stations and request a volunteer spot on their broadcast and read the letter or state you own opinions. Allow no more than three minutes unless being interviewed. Refer listeners to this web site for further information.

3. Present Kids Slides Voice # I to local clubs. The slide with voice is about eleven minutes long. You should have at least a five minutes response time after the speech. Then encourage people to write to their congress person using the sample letter. Encourage each of the club members to give a presentation like you and the movement will grow. Present kids 2 and kids 3 if clubs want more. Encourage everyone to read the National Proposal.

4. Or - Read the letter to the senator that takes 3-4 minutes. Discuss the content of the letter then refer parents to this educational site for more information. Ask parents to write their own letters and, like you, to give a presentation. Allow a time slot of fifteen minutes. Ask for members to volunteer to help promote the activities of the children’s’ trust.

5. Physicians may make a short presentation to their medical society and refer associates and patients to this web site for more information.

6. Educators and teachers might make presentations of the letter to their parents' meetings then refer them to this web site. Discuss the National Legislation Proposal if you have time or save it for another meeting.

7. If you are involved with a college of education or physical education, a medical school, or physical therapy program (as a student, educator or director) you might connect the program to this work – such programs could require visiting the children’s website as part of their education of what physical fitness, physical education, longevity, obesity, diabetes, testing and measurements, consist of.

8. Write to various journals and request they direct their readers to the Kids Failed Fitness Website. If they need an article then I could provide them with one in addition to any article they could use from this website.

9. Follow events and offer comments on our Facebook page.

10. Schedule me or other knowledgeable volunteers on any state or national conventions speaker platform about physical fitness, health-fitness, and cause of health cost and longevity of children. I will need to have financial travel assistance if our trust does not have the money. I can’t do it by myself –We need you to become involved to promote one hour of daily physical education for all our elementary school children and for organizations to cover legitimate promotional cost.

11. Offer to start a Kids Failed Fitness chapter of our organization in your region of the county. Use my site to become educated and develop a plan of how to help. Hold meetings with concerned parents and I will give any support possible. I hope to have an internet blog and Trust Facebook conversation ability soon where I and other volunteers can answer questions and offer solutions.

12. Talk with members of your family and friends. Encourage them to visit our Facebook page, "Like" and post on their own Facebook page about us. Have them ask their friends to do the same.

13. Post notices at your work site or church bulletin board to inform your community about our kid’s health fitness future at Let them know about any open speeches that may be given by Trust members to various clubs. Ask for volunteers to help with our Trust activities and refer to the same website or refer to a volunteer who can assign them to a committee.

14. One can become so involved that the effort to help children consumes your time. If you truly mean to get the most from your efforts to help our kids as a volunteer, allow time for family, leisure, recreation and church. Organize volunteers, deputize others to share in the burden and then give effective supervision when more volunteers become involved. You will get more accomplished, avoid burn out and be more productive for Kids Failed Fitness, the health threat of the 21st Century. Most important is have to a plan; then patiently work your plan for our kids. I am only a step away for advice.

We invite you to donate to Kids Failed Fitness Charitable Trust as a way to help promote kids fitness. Give what you can. There are very strict rules that funds only be used for the charitable purposes outlined in the trust. This is to promote one hour of physical education daily for elementary schools by promoting national legislature and education of parents all over America. Legal Children's Trusts have internal regulation of expenditures and are open to outside audit to conform to the guideline established by the State Attorney General. Be assured your donation will be secured and funds will be used for the charitable purpose intended.

Jake and Marie Monlux and Kids Failed Fitness volunteer staff.

We are counting on your donations to help bring about legislation to promote our children's health fitness and academic achievement. Thank you.

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