The Need for Exercise

Kids 1 Slide Outline

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Slide # 1: The U.S.A. is rated as having the 37th worst health delivery system and the 41st worst mortality rate in the world according to the United Nations. Over 90% of our elementary schools in America do not give daily physical education. An average elementary school child spends over 30 hours on total media a week (TV/computers and hand held devices). Up to ninety percent of our elementary school children cannot pass a minimal physical fitness test. A high percentage of our children are growing up with a low METs level (physical performance). That is just enough fitness for them to sit, stand, casually walk and occasionally run. Children eat an average of 47 teaspoons of sugar a day and pack on excessive carbohydrates. They desperately need one hour of daily physical education to counteract the sedentary lifestyle and extra calories. This is a critical period of human development that we can control until children graduate from high school.

First of Three Talks

Slide # 2: There will be three slide presentations. Kids 1 explain the need to build up bodies, reduce chronic diseases, reduce health costs, and increase longevity. Kids 2 define obesity, diabetes, physical education, and physical fitness. Kids 3 defines minimal and maximal physical fitness, what a physical education program is made of, components of physical fitness, types of skills performance testing , valid physical fitness testing, different types of fitness test and when to give these tests.

Leading Cause of Death

Slide 3: The leading causes of death in 1900 were Pneumonia, Influenza, Tuberculosis and Infectious Diarrhea. These were influenced by genetics and related to environment conditions. Heart and Cancer accounted for only thirteen percent of total deaths. The chronic diseases of the 21st century are behavior related, and are influenced by genetics and environmental pollutants. We can’t change much about the body we were born with, however we can do something about the toxic environment and choices that affect our health, physical fitness and longevity.

Physical Fitness/Diet

Slide # 4: Two great horses are shown here pulling a cart of chronic disease. One is diet (fat) and the other is physical fitness. Be aware that these are two separate horses. Failed Physical Fitness is a motion disease and obesity is an eating disorder. (Sugar addiction)

Fitness Zones

Slide # 5: There are various fitness zones or physical performance levels diagramed. A high percentage of our children cannot pass even a minimal physical fitness test. This is due primarily to chronic inactivity of children, whose only movement involves sitting, standing, walking and occasionally running. You will observe that children with failed fitness are seen in the critical zone. They are at risk to develop childhood chronic diseases, increased health cost and premature death. Children desperately need one hour of daily supervised physical education in elementary schools to develop their bodies for peak performance.

Physical Fitness Rating- METS

Slide #6: The efficiency of oxygen uptake and metabolic exchange in tissue in a person at rest is one METS. Most of our children’s daily activity is at one to three METS. Watching a TV and texting involves one METS. Kids are going through life with a motor in idle or low gear. They need to have their motors occasionally shift into overdrive gear, burn more fuel and provide energy conversion for increased motion and peak performance. Research physiologists finding suggest that if you add one METS to the CRF test score, your longevity will increase by thirteen percent. If you improve one minute for the Cardio Respiratory Fitness test score, it may add 6.5 years to your longevity. We need to have our kids physically active at METS levels between 7-20 in order to develop proper systems function, readiness for work, and activities of daily living, leisure, and recreational fitness as an adult.

Kraus-Weber Test

Slide # 7: these slide shows results of the Kraus –Weber test results from 1954 to 2008. This is a key postural muscles test. School children take a Presidential Physical Fitness Test each year in school as a result of this report to the White House. Eight percent of European children failed this test in 1954, whereas fifty seven percent of American children failed the same fitness test. Some urban elementary school classes had up to 90% failures in 2008. The 1954 physical fitness failures were the result of a mobilized society including the use of cars and time saving gadgets. The earlier mechanization of America prior to 1954 progressively increased to include chronic inactivity during the Information Age.

Today sleep depravation, stress, depression: motion disease-chronic inactivity; and sugar addiction-eating disorders is the three headed fitness monster among us.

Increased Rates of Obesity

Slide # 8: In 2003 seventy percent of American adults were overweight or obese. Children's obesity started to increase around 1980’s. Children's obesity rate is now increasing faster than adults. However, the presenceof overweight children did not impact physical fitness scores. Children’s fitness failures were caused from lack of motion. Think of physical fitness as the power and efficiency of the truck and fat as the obese passenger putting strain on the engine. We need to first increase physical fitness, and then we need to ask our fat passenger to get out and walk.

The Critical Fitness Zones

Slide # 9: The high level of failed children’s physical fitness is dropping into the critical zone where chronic diseases start to develop. Note the blue line dipping toward the death conveyor. There is a corresponding increase in health cost as noted by the red line. The health cost goes down, reversing itself when the level of physical fitness increases. Are our insurance companies, politicians and medical society aware of this connection?

There is a level of physical fitness someone cannot drop below or pain and systems failure will occur and increase health costs will result. Increase the level of physical fitness, the pain evaporates and system functions return to normal.

Sick Kids/Need to do something

Slide # 10: Nine year old children are developing diabetes, teenage children are developing clogged arteries, and twelve thousand children will commit suicide. This last year we spend over two and a half trillion dollars on health care a year. Fifty percent of this cost could have been prevented if children had daily physical education. A great percentage of elementary school students can’t pass a minimal physical fitness test. A college professor stated that seventy percent of women’s physical education majors can’t throw or teach how to throw a ball. Fifty percent of men and women in the same classes can’t teach how to do a standing jump reach.

Projections for Total National Health Care Spending

Slide # 11: This slide displays the percentage of National Health and Medicare spending on chronic diseases in 2007. We spent 73.1% of the Medicare health funding in 2002 on chronic diseases. In 2007, the total National Health spending was fifteen percent. Medicare expenditures for chronic diseases are estimated to be forty five percent of the total National Heath Care spending in the future. According to Drew Altman from the Kaiser Family Foundation, your health care cost may exceed your gross income within a few years. There is a real reason for the health cost increase besides medical cost. We are passing failed unfit bodies into the health care systems that are developing chronic diseases early. The health insurance corporations respond to the increase of chronic disease by charging increased rates, denying coverage and avoiding coverage of preventative medicine. Our Medicaid population will swell out of control causing a national health crisis of the public welfare sector. The health crisis is every state governor’s worst nightmare.

Children that have physically fit bodies have a better chance to avoid developing early chronic disease in elementary school that could shorten their longevity. We need daily physical education that teaches and tests Cozens and Neilson’s 33 performance skills, shifts children’s motors into aerobic overdrive, and develops cell fitness in every part of the body and brain.

Impact of the Krause-Weber Fitness Test

Slide # 12: Dr. Hans Krause M.D., and Dr. Sonja Weber M.D., worked at New York University, Presbertian Hospital. They wondered why eighty percent of their patients did not show the signs to match the symptoms they complained about. They studied a number of patients over a four year period and developed a test measuring strength and flexibility of key postural muscles. A medical team including, Bonnie Prudden P.T., tested European children who had eight percent failures for the K-W test. The American children had fifty seven percent test failures. Bonnie hand carried the report to the White House. An alarmed President Eisenhower formed the Council for Physical Fitness and later Sports Activities. School children take a fitness requirement test each year as a result of this test report. The YMCA picked up on their results and tested a large number of back patients. They gave corrective exercises and eighty percent of the clients improved (the same improvement as the K-W exercise program).

This study indicates that exercise can lower health cost. The test also tells us we can spot children who need to develop their bodies as a means to help prevent disease; A Powerful Concept.

Poor Health Cost Big Bucks

Slide # 13: A high percentage of chronic diseases in our population are costly to a society where health care cost, cars, homes, and college education are becoming limiting in many American families. The medical cost of one or more obese or diabetic family members is financially forcing many families to accept Medicaid. People may wrongly judge overweight people as not fit. Just because you are skinny does not mean you are physically fit. Just because you are fat doesn’t mean you are unfit. Remember that they are two different issues affecting each other. One is the failed engine and the other is the unwanted passenger. One cannot tell by looks the person who has the greatest health problems or who has the best chance for longevity. Your need to have a Medical Evaluation and a Cardio Respiratory Fitness Test to determine your health-fitness activity rating. One is incomplete without the other.


Slide #14: The longevity slide explains that having a high level of physical fitness can not only reduce your chances to develop chronic diseases but improve your chances to live longer. Physicians, including Martha Guloti M.D. M.S., used the Framingham Richs Score to predict longevity for women at various ages. The test is the sum of cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes and smoking in women. Researchers found that a CRF Cardio-respiratory-fitness test is a more accurate prediction of longevity. A Finnish study states that men and women who are unfit are 3-4 times more likely to die early of ALL diseases compared to those with high fitness.

Energy Expenditure

Slide # 15: This study measured the development and response of the hippocampus, two seahorse-like structures on either side in the lateral-inferior portion (sides) of the brain. The study found that ten year old children who had controlled periods of exercise had a ten percent increase in the structure size of these brain areas. These structures are part of the brains special recognition and interpretive centers for processing information. These areas work with the cerebellum, basal ganglion relay stations and interact with the computers of the prefrontal lobe that contributes to academic learning.

We can’t do much about heredity, but when children come to school we can promote physical activity to develop not only for their bodies but their brains. We are talking about an increased volume of oxygen uptake, and raising metabolism by flooding the brain with oxygen, nutrients and hormones. The process wakes up the brain from causal processing to respond with high peak performance circuitry interplay. One not only increases metabolism for muscles but the brain as well.

This should be a wakeup call to administrators and politicians how to raise academic scores of kids. Now you see that not having one hour of daily physical education in school violates all children’s constitutional right to receive a just education and fit bodies. No P.E. and Cut recess to get more class work in. That is a very poor administrative decision.

Basic Human Performance Laws

Slide #16: There is no run, hop, skip, and jump in the Kraus Weber test. It is not a maximum but a minimum fitness test. Rood's Law states one must participate in the activity or fitness component to develop that response. We need good muscular balance to help avoid injuries. An object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. An object at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by an outside force, Law#1. The rate at which the momentum of an object is proportional to the force actin on it, Law # 2. Every motion has an equal and opposite reaction. Law # 8, (Sir Isaac Newton). Movement stimulates structure to increase function and function develops the structure. Therefore movement causes the body development and function, law of Function. Bazmasium tested muscle response using EMG evaluation. His studies show there is very little muscle activity needed during sitting, standing and walking. How are Children going to develop a healthy body? The only way to build a healthy body is to move at the appropriate energy level needed to stimulate function and structure. Watching TV at a one METS level doesn’t develop peak performance. Any less than one METS and you are dead.

Redefining Physical Education and Exercise

Slide # 17: We should have Fitness Failure declared a National MOTION DESEASE so that all countries can focus on the problem with common language. The signs and symptoms are very obvious. We desperately need to declare PHYSICAL EDUCATION a REQUIRED SUBJECT. This is to bring attention to the importance of this subject for child development, health and funding. There isn’t a subject in the universe its equal to develop the social, emotional, physical, brain and academic achievement of our children as daily physical education in grade 1-12. Yet when the school budget is tight and when school test scores are down we shamefully cut out physical education class and recess. We DESPERATELY NEED ONE HOUR OF DAILY PHYSICAL EDUCATION IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL during the full year school period not half year physical education and half year of health education. One hour a day of elementary physical education classes does not lower Math and English performance by sharing school class time. According to recent studies by Trudeau, the opposite occurs and the test scores improve in all studies. This is a fact educators have known for years but lacked the studies to validate.

Here’s how

Slide # 18: We need to recognize that failed fitness is a driver of uncontrolled health care cost. There is a national Kids failed physical fitness epidemic that needs a courageous response by our legislatures to solve. Congress should enact a health fitness legislation bill that is similar to the Hill Burton act that constructed hospitals across the nation to handle the Medicare health care expansion. The Health Fitness Legislation Bill would build, remodel and staff 62,579 specially designed elementary school gymnasiums to give the kids what they need. The original building cost would be about 40 billion dollars. However, the savings to health cost within a few years would be approximately 1.5 trillion dollars by today’s cost figure. The building projects would inject money into the economy and create millions of jobs (See my National Health-Fitness Proposal).

Kids Failed Physical Fitness

Slide # 19: Many of our children are not fit. They are not developing bodies to resist disease, building their minds or increasing their longevity. Their low physical fitness impacts their ability to learn. Schools that give aerobic conditioning by keeping student’s heart beat in their target zone for twenty minutes before math class place higher in their testing scores. According to Dr. Mitchell M.D. FACSM., Fifty percent of our current 2.7 trillion health bill could have been reduced by raising the fitness levels of adults and having children involved in daily elementary physical education programs. Investing in facilities and staff for all elementary schools for this nation would produce huge returns. It’s a no brainer.


Slide # 20: All parents want to see their children live a long, healthy, productive and happy life. They need our help to develop a healthy brain and body that can go the distance. I’m ready, are you? Then let’s get started.

We all are becoming messengers to get the health fitness our kids need. The cure to treat this Motion Disease is to do something. Our kids are depending on us.

We are counting on your donations to help bring about legislation to promote our children's health fitness and academic achievement. Thank you.

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