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Founded: 2011


The Kids Failed Fitness Charitable Trust and Web site were established out of concern for the high numbers of children who were failing to place into the healthy fitness Zones required by various states. The failure of children’s physical fitness appears not to be local but nationwide. It is becoming epidemic, and is responsible for poor academic performance, moodiness, lack of physical achievement and a leading cause of children developing early chronic diseases and shortened longevity. Our children need daily one hour of better physical education starting in elementary schools. Over ninety percent of elementary schools nationwide do not provide daily one hour of physical education and those that do only have a few minutes in significant elevated activity. This children’s trust is a volunteer organization consisting of concerned moms, dads, brothers, sisters and grandparents.


The Kids failed Fitness Charitable Trust has two arms.

This web site is one arm providing education to the general public about how elementary school children physical fitness levels impacts children’s learning, sociability, physical performance, susceptibility to childhood diseases that develop into adult chronic diseases, increased health cost, poor quality of life , productivity, physical readiness for national defense and longevity.

The second arm - Children’s Physical Fitness Facebook - is to promote and craft Children’s Health Fitness legislation necessary to effect the changes of curriculum, facilities, staff and programs to help our children live healthier lives.


The greater percentage of elementary schools do not have daily physical education. Our children are engaging in a sedentary life style, multi texting, gaming, and watching television over 30 hours a week. They sit, stand, walk and occasionally run at performance levels that are not adequate for them to develop their brain potential for academic learning and healthy physical fitness levels.

Kids Failed Fitness is the Health Threat of the 21st Century. Fat does not extend longevity and improve health, physical fitness does. An obese person who has a good physical fitness level is more likely to outlive a skinny person who is not fit. It’s about the level of physical fitness.


We are dedicated that our children live healthy lives through better physical education.

This trust recognizes that: an undeclared Motion Disease (Chronic inactivity), Sugar addiction (Eating Disorders-poor nutrition), and Brain health (brain growth and development, tension, sleep deprivation, depression) are the three heads of a health monster among us. This health monster is presently epidemic in scope and is responsible for the premature death of millions of people. It is already our greatest threat to humanity. Physical fitness failure, chronic inactivity (Motion Disease) is the most virulent of the three heads of this health monster.

Our trust philosophy is that we cannot change the genes of a child, their family income, eating habits at home or behavior when they leave school. We do have the obligation to provide our children with elevated levels of physical activity, appropriate curriculum, guidance and "Sheppard Them" while we have them in the palm of our hands. We have failed to do so for the last sixty years and will continue to violate their rights for a full education until an appropriate children’s fitness legislation bill is crafted. We all need to work together for this legislation regardless of political or religious affiliation. Inaction is not an option.


Our Children - All parents and grandparents want our children to be healthy, happy, well educated, productive members of society and have a long life. This is our gift to our precious children.


Join us on Kid’s Fitness Facebook and this web site for our grass roots legislative campaign. Read our letter to Congress or write your own and send on the link provided. Become Friends on Facebook and post comments, concerns, and advice that may help us. Be prepared to post kids failed fitness information to your Friends on Facebook. You might read our letter to Congress to your child’s PTA and refer interested parents to our web site for additional information. Encourage parents to become more informed by visiting our web site and visit our Kid’s Fitness Facebook page.

This is a volunteer organization to promote the health fitness our children desperately need.

We are counting on your donations to help bring about legislation to promote our children's health fitness and academic achievement. Thank you.

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