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Jacob A. Monlux, R.P.T., Physical Therapy Sports and Human Performance

I am Jake Monlux, a retired Physical Therapist. Throughout my career I have had an interest in children’s fitness and a fear of the failing health trend that has been displayed. In 1998 I started to focus all my retirement energy to concerns about how children’s physical fitness and obesity were being misunderstood both by the medical profession and general public.

I knew, from testing thousands of children starting in 1956 and from thirty-five years of clinical experience, that physical fitness failures were caused not by obesity but by chronic inactivity. We need to direct our attention to providing physical activity that will get our elementary school children moving.

You, your school, college, medical association and other organizations can get basic information you need at this site to answer many of the fit/fat/obesity/Diabetes II/ health cost/mortality ratings/physical education and physical fitness testing questions you have; See our bibliography and other researcher’s information and references, to become more informed about the effect chronic inactivity is having on the development and future of our children.

This site includes:

  • Three Slide Presentations with voice
  • Separate written explanations for each slide
  • A History of Kids Failed Physical Fitness from l950’s - 2011
  • A Letter you may use as a guide to write your senators asking them to do something
  • A National Legislature Proposal for Children’s Physical Education
  • A FAQ section that includes how to begin promoting kids fitness
  • Educational material (this material only covers the basics but is enough to get parents very alarmed about the effect chronic inactivity is having on our youth and hopefully to become motivated to take some kind of legislative action.)
  • We are submiting a Kids Failed Fitness Charitable Trust for approval to craft legislation and help us acheive our mission.
  • Should you wish to become involved you will be welcome.

Jacob A. Monlux, R.P.T., Physical Therapy Sports and Human Performance

We are counting on your donations to help bring about legislation to promote our children's health fitness and academic achievement. Thank you.

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