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that provides information about the health threat posed to our kids from having poor physical fitness and what we as parents can do about it.

A great percentage of our kids are sick. They are sick because they have failed Physical fitness. Their failed bodies will follow them as adults developing chronic diseases and threaten their longevity. All chronic diseases currently account for over eighty percent of the total national health care spending. Providing daily one hour of elementary school physical education could cut the health cost by fifty percent, improve children’s academic achievement, develop skills for an active life and extend their longevity.

I’m providing extensive information via slides with voice over, narrations, and recommendations for your consideration. Included is a Basic Proposal for National Health Fitness. We also provide a sample letter for your use and a link to the US Congress.

Please help us bring attention to this growing problem. Our kids will give you a big hug if you do.

The cost of family health insurance is rapidly approaching the gross earnings of a full time minimum wage earner. Drew Altman, President of Kaiser Family Foundation.

Our mission is to enact legislation that will require:

  • Require one hour of daily physical education for all elementary school children in America.
  • Build or remodel gymnasiums designed to provide the activity children need for all elementary schools.
  • Staff the gymnasiums with teams of specialists.
  • Nationally approved physical education programs that develop peak physical performance and promote learning.

We are counting on your donations to help bring about legislation to promote our children's health fitness and academic achievement. Thank you.

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